"Fabulous Workshop!" ~ Rachel Odhner, Yoga Instructor, Owner MomentOm Yoga, Jenkintown, Pa


"I feel safe with you and have no misgivings." ~Eileen T, Jenkintown, Pa

"Maureen, Your workshop today was wonderful. I feel more able to deal with issues that may arise with my students than I did before..." Mindy Colbridge, Yoga Instructor, Philadelphia PA


"Thank you for all of your uplifting moments and helping me find peace within my troubled soul. You have truly been a beacon of light for me in this time of my life. Namaste, Maureen!!!" ~Mark M. Stephenson, VA

"Yoga class has seriously impacted my life in such a positive way. I truly love all that has been taught and practiced thus far. I am continuing to practice at home and each class makes me more excited to better my practice. I had missed class last Friday when we watched a video on implementing yoga in our lives. I watched the video at home and it was very informative and encouraging. This week's classes have really secured my thoughts on the importance of taking care of myself mind, body and soul." ~Arin A. LFCC, Middletown, VA


"...It's a good time to let you know how much I enjoyed your course and even more so you as a teacher. Your calm and gentle presence was greatly appreciated and I will hold your words and teachings with me once I leave your class. Something that has really stuck with me is whenever I am stressed, I just need to take a deep breath and ask myself, where are my feet? It is those four simple words that help ground me and help me live in the moment. My favorite pose will forever be pigeon, though I do love a good shoulder stand. Thank you once again on being such a fantastic teacher and overall wonderful human being. May you have many blessings in your future!" ~Naomi A. LFCC, Middletown, VA

"With this being the last week, I am truly sad that I will not have such an amazing class to go to to unwind twice a week. This yoga class has helped me so much and I am truly so thankful for it. I will miss having such an amazing teacher helping me through the moves. I hope that I can continue in this walk with yoga and get better at the moves and maybe even do more poses." Cassidy C., Middletown, VA


"I have really enjoyed Yoga this semester and can't wait to see where my practice will take me in the future. I have loved your relaxation techniques and I like to use them to help me sleep or at least calm down when I'm stressed. I also feel like I have become more flexible and healthier because of yoga. I will always speak highly of yoga to all my friends and recommend it to anyone with heart or stress issues. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful teacher!

Namaste!" ~Ryan R., Middletown, VA

"Maureen-thank you for coming to our Boot Camp class last night.  It was such a nice way for this old lady to end a workout.  I really enjoyed it." Annette A., Columbia , MD

"I thank you, again, for last night's class. The class was very relaxing and stretched parts of my body that really needed it. Your class allowed me to slow down and get "grounded" to tune in with myself. Some of the positions were challenging for me, but I didn't mind it at all. I hope to do more yoga given the opportunity." ~Gloria P, Columbia M.

"I had never tried yoga before yesterday.  You explained the moves very nicely in a way my mind could understand (my body on the other hand was a different story).  I realized I have terrible balance.  Perhaps with practice that would improve.  :-) Your closing was incredibly relaxing.   Usually after exercise class I am completely exhausted.  Last night I felt rejuvenated after class.  I totally understand why people participate in yoga. Thank You again, I very much appreciated your lesson." ~Ginny P



Sri Swami Satchidananda
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Creating a Safe Healing Environment: Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Workshop for Yoga Teachers and YogaTeachers-In Training

March 5, 2019

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